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Be Lifted Medley – MOG Music Ft. Donnie McClurkin

Be Lifted Medley – MOG Music Ft. Donnie McClurkin

[Music + Video] Be Lifted Medley – MOG Music Ft. Donnie McClurkin

Nana Yaw Boakye, widely known by his stage name MOG Music, is an exceptional Ghanaian contemporary gospel singer and recording artist. Recently, he captivated audiences with the unveiling of a brand new music video for his single titled “Be Lifted Medley,” featuring the legendary multi-octave award-winning gospel recording minstrel, Donnie McClurkin.

The single itself is a powerful medley of anointed worship songs that seamlessly blend together, creating a divine atmosphere infused with God’s presence. One of the standout tracks in the medley is the award-winning song, “Be Lifted,” which has garnered immense acclaim and touched the hearts of many listeners.

This remarkable music video accompanies MOG Music’s recently released eight-track album project, titled “Koinonia Phase II.” The “Be Lifted Medley” holds the prestigious fifth spot on this highly anticipated album. The project as a whole represents MOG Music’s dedication to delivering soul-stirring and impactful gospel music to his fans and followers.

The music video for “Be Lifted Medley” was recorded live at the Royal House Chapel, Oil Dome, adding an authentic and electrifying atmosphere to the visuals. Shot and directed by the talented team at Timeline Creative, the video beautifully captures the essence of the performance, showcasing the passion and devotion that MOG Music and Donnie McClurkin pour into their craft.

The collaboration between MOG Music and Donnie McClurkin in this music video brings together the rich musical traditions of Ghana and the United States, uniting two incredible voices in the gospel music industry. Their combined talent and powerful presence on stage create a transformative experience for viewers, inviting them to join in the worship and bask in the glory of God.

As the video for “Be Lifted Medley” continues to spread its message of faith, love, and worship, it serves as a testament to the talent and unwavering devotion of MOG Music and Donnie McClurkin. This collaboration exemplifies the power of gospel music to transcend boundaries, cultures, and languages, uniting believers around the world in praise and adoration.

With its soul-stirring melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating visuals, the “Be Lifted Medley” music video showcases the incredible artistry and passion of MOG Music and Donnie McClurkin. It is a testament to their shared mission of uplifting souls, spreading the gospel message, and drawing people closer to the presence of God.


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