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Enthroned – Vivian Agbamuche

Enthroned – Vivian Agbamuche

[EP] Enthroned – Vivian Agbamuche

Nigerian gospel artist Vivian Agbamuche has recently released a new EP titled “Enthroned.” The EP features six tracks, each showcasing Vivian’s powerful vocals and her unique blend of classic rock and gospel music. Vivian, who is based in Asaba, Nigeria, is a talented songwriter and performer who has gained a following in the gospel music scene.

In a statement about the EP, Vivian expressed her excitement for fans to hear the new project. She described the EP as a must-listen for anyone who loves powerful vocals, uplifting lyrics, and great music, regardless of their musical preferences. The EP also features collaborations with De Wilson, Psandy, and Prophesy, adding new dimensions to Vivian’s sound and showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Overall, “Enthroned” is an impressive display of Vivian’s talent and artistry, and a welcome addition to the Nigerian gospel music landscape. Fans of gospel and rock music alike are sure to find something to love on this EP.


1. Highly Blessed  DOWNLOAD HERE

2. I’m Just The Way  DOWNLOAD HERE

3. It’s Jesus (feat. Prophecy)  DOWNLOAD HERE

4. Species (feat. Psandy)  DOWNLOAD HERE

5. Testimony (feat. De Wilson)  DOWNLOAD HERE

6. Worship Rise  DOWNLOAD HERE

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