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Femi One – Suspect Ft Katapilla

Femi One – Suspect Ft Katapilla

Femi One – Suspect Ft Katapilla

Recently, Femi One, a Kenyan rapper born and raised in Mwiki on April 25th, 1994, has dropped a brand new track titled “Suspect“.

Femi One is a rising star in the Kenyan rap scene, known for her lyrical prowess and confident delivery. She has just released a new EP album titled “Dem From Mwiki”, which showcases her talent and versatility as an artist. The album features several tracks that showcase Femi One’s unique style, including the fresh track “Suspect”.

In “Suspect”, Femi One collaborates with fellow Kenyan artist Katapilla to create a hard-hitting and memorable track. The song features a catchy beat and clever wordplay, as Femi One and Katapilla trade verses about their experiences in the rap game and their determination to succeed.

The EP as a whole features a mix of styles, from gritty and introspective tracks to more upbeat and party-ready anthems. Femi One’s lyrics often touch on social issues and personal struggles, making her music relatable to a wide audience.

With “Dem From Mwiki”, Femi One cements her status as one of Kenya’s most promising young talents. Her skillful rhymes and infectious energy are sure to win over new fans, while her commitment to authenticity and self-expression make her an important voice in the country’s vibrant music scene.


Mmh aah yeah.. suspect
TV ikipotea kwa ploti si ndo masuspect
Msupa ratchet, body form perfect
Ukibonga viuduu utafungiwa ndani ya casket

Mmh aah yeah.. suspect
Bangi ikitupa kwa ploti si ndo masuspect
It’s like I’m on a plane nigga you ain’t got yet
Napenda mzigo natural toka apa na hiyo plastic


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