Get your youtube monetization

Get your youtube monetization

11. Crowdfund

Crowdfunding using YouTube


Even though you already use channel memberships, there are additional ways for you to earn money from your viewers. Crowdfunding using YouTube can help you generate money as a creator. Be mindful though as this might be off putting to some of your subscribers since it might come off as begging.

In truth, if you provide high-quality videos, people will be more than happy to give money to your channel. Also, your success is determined by your specialization and the benefits that you can provide your funders. To raise money for your project, check out crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter or GoFundMe.

12. Driving Traffic to Your Blog Using YouTube Videos

YouTube is an excellent tool for creators to advertise their brand, gain new customers, and improve their website or blog traffic. An ad-supported or monetized website or blog may entice users to explore more and gain further insight into the subject matter you’re discussing. Most websites or blogs see an increase in revenue as their traffic increases.

The first step is to create a blog using the same name and logo you already have on your YouTube channel.  Your blog and YouTube channel should appear and feel the same, so make sure they have a lot in common in terms of design.

Once it is set up, you can include the link to your blog or website in the video link description.

How to Increase Views on Your YouTube Videos

Getting a significant number of views on your videos is necessary to get consistent revenue from your YouTube channel. Here are ten tips on how to boost your YouTube views.

1. Create Good Content

It doesn’t matter how many strategies and advertising campaigns you employ for video creation. To achieve success on YouTube, you must create videos that people want to watch and watch all the way through.

In the end, it all boils down to the quality of your content. If you’re unwilling to provide value to your audience, you won’t make your content marketing effective. First, determine what information your potential customers want to know before creating videos that can solve their problems.

2. Improve Your Video’s Search Ranking by Doing Research

Apart from being a social media platform, YouTube also serves as a search engine, like Google. And YouTube SEO, or optimizing your videos for search, is a proven way to increase views on your videos.

YouTube SEO is a powerful way to rank your videos. It is important to research and use keywords related to your content when uploading or editing a video on YouTube.

Businesses, bloggers, and video marketers use this method to get their videos to rank higher in YouTube search results. This strategy involves understanding the algorithms that YouTube uses and then optimizing your video with those specific requirements.

YouTube SEO can be done by adding keywords and tags in the video description, title, and tags section. You should also include keywords in the video’s title, description, tags and thumbnail.

YouTube’s algorithm considers several factors in determining which videos appear in search results. You can use tools like vidIQ or TubeBuddy for your SEO research.

how to increase views on your youtube videos


3. Have Keyword-Rich Descriptions

The description of your video may convey your message more effectively to both search engines and your visitors. Having the ability to catch the attention of your viewers is essential for the ranking for long-tail keywords.


4. Use End Screens and Cards 

The length of time spent watching a video is a good indicator of how interested viewers are in the subject. The greater the number of individuals who view your YouTube video, the greater their interest in what you have to say. Another advantage of having a solid relationship with the audience is that they are more inclined to view additional content from you in the future.

YouTube cards are banner-like alerts that appear in the top right corner of your video and direct your viewers to a piece of content. An end screen, similar to a card, is intended to direct your most engaged viewers to a related piece of content. When your video is ready to come to a close, an end screen appears.

5. Customize Your Thumbnails

One of the most effective techniques to get your YouTube channel recognized is to create your own YouTube thumbnails. A good title and thumbnail can work together to attract a viewer’s interest. It is essential to create thumbnails for your videos since it makes them more appealing and helps to project a much more professional look.

No research is required for the creation of a compelling thumbnail. Using the same font and style across the template will make it more unified and consistent with the channel’s branding. You can use basic graphic design tools like Canva to achieve this.

6. Transcribing Your Video Content

When it comes to YouTube videos, there has been a lot of debate over whether including subtitles or transcripts can help you rank higher in search engines. Closed captions, on the other hand, can enhance YouTube views since they appeal to viewers from various countries and those who are visually impaired.

To receive the most number of views possible from YouTube’s organic results, you must appear high in the search results on Google. Most YouTubers are tempted to go the quick route and buy views.  But this is not a long-term solution because YouTube’s algorithms monitor behavioral analytics more than traditional metrics, like views.

7. Create a Blog Post for Each Video

Blogging is one way you can make money off YouTube through traffic. You can drive traffic from your blog to your YouTube channel. It takes a little more work to convert your videos to blogs, but with time, it yields results.

Posting videos is a tried-and-true method of improving the quality of the user experience of those prospects who like to watch rather than read. You can embed your YouTube video into your blog post and watch your views increase.

8. Create Playlists

The playlists you create should allow people to see your content in the order it was created. The remainder of your videos will begin to play whenever the first video ends, increasing the number of views for each one as the series progresses.

You may increase the number of people who view a playlist by publishing it on your channel, embedding it, or asking your subscribers to share it with their friends. Each one should be unique from the others, and the order in which they are played should add to the overall flow and relevance of the set.

9. Work With Other Creators in Your Niche

Some of YouTube’s most popular creators have benefited from cooperating with other users to reach a broader audience. With each video you collaborate on, you will get new subscribers. Furthermore, if you collaborate with a well-known and renowned content creator, their viewers are more likely to become subscribers.

To have a successful YouTube collaboration, finding the right partner is critical. You should collaborate with creators who share your industry’s interests for your video to look more professional.

10. Build and Facilitate a Community

Apart from being a video-sharing platform, YouTube also allows engagement between creators and subscribers. So if you want to obtain more views on YouTube, you’ll need to treat it like any other social media platform. Additionally, you need to actively engage your audience for them to keep coming back for more of your videos.

If someone asks a question, take time to give a helpful answer to encourage other viewers to leave comments. It will be easier for you to create your brand in a niche of devoted subscribers if you participate fully.

11. Be Consistent

Obtaining a large number of YouTube views takes time. The platform has its own set of regulations to guarantee that high-quality video content is delivered to its viewers consistently and frequently.

Try to establish many active subscribers using the tips mentioned above, and you’ll find that they account for the vast majority of your views, which in turn generate more money for you when you monetize your YouTube channel.


YouTube has given thousands of global creators the opportunity to make money from what they are passionate about. As a creator, all you have to do is decide which kind of monetization method is the most effective for your channel.

Alternatively, you could try two or more monetization methods on your channel and see the ones that work best.


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