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Holy Ghost – Wisest-Son

Holy Ghost – Wisest-Son

[Music + Video] Holy Ghost – Wisest-Son

Wisest-Son, a Sierra Leonean gospel music singer, songwriter, and recording artist based in the United States, has unveiled a captivating new single and music video titled “Holy Ghost.”

In describing the inspiration behind the song, Wisest-Son shares that it came to him during a moment of prayer. In that sacred space, he felt the Spirit speaking to him, uttering the words, “Holy Ghost, we know you are here.” This divine encounter became the foundation for the song, which serves as a powerful invitation for listeners to embrace the presence of the Holy Spirit.

“Holy Ghost” is more than just a song; it takes listeners on a journey of prayer and spiritual empowerment. By welcoming the Holy Spirit, individuals can experience transformation and deep connection with God. The song serves as a reminder of the Holy Spirit’s ability to bring about spiritual renewal and empowerment, inspiring worshippers to engage in a more profound and intimate relationship with the Divine.

Wisest-Son, originally hailing from Freetown, Sierra Leone, was born into the Sesay family, to Mr. Francis and Mrs. Susan Sesay. In pursuit of his passion for music and media, he pursued a degree in Media Communications at Full Sail University in the United States. This educational background has provided him with a strong foundation for his music career, allowing him to effectively communicate his message and touch the hearts of his listeners.

To complement the release of “Holy Ghost,” Wisest-Son has also unveiled an accompanying music video. Shot and directed by Rherme Images, the video enhances the song’s impact, visually capturing the essence of the lyrics and showcasing the artist’s performance.

The lyrics of “Holy Ghost” are well-crafted, further enhancing the overall experience for listeners. Through heartfelt and meaningful words, Wisest-Son’s lyrics resonate with the spiritual longing within individuals, stirring their souls and inspiring them to worship and seek a deeper connection with God.

Wisest-Son’s new single and music video, “Holy Ghost,” represents a significant milestone in his music career. With its powerful message, captivating visuals, and well-written lyrics, the song offers a transformative experience, guiding listeners to embrace the presence of the Holy Spirit and inviting them to encounter the power and renewal that come from a deeper connection with God.

See the Video HERE:

Lyrics: Holy Ghost By Wisest-Son


I believe that all of us know
That the Holyghost is here right now
This is the generation of they
That will seek Him

Now is the time you forget about yourself
And get ready to press in the Holy Ghost.


Holyghost, Holyghost
We know you are here
We know you are here


Because you are here


Because you are here


Jabez said
Oh that you would bless me indeed
And expand my coast

My bible says if you knock
The door shall be opened
If you ask, you shall receive
If you seek, you shall find

This is the generation of seekers
Let us press, press, press!
Because He is here

The Devil might have troubled you before,
But today, you will stand,
And say the Lord is with me,
Who shall be against me

This is the moment that you will hold on to Him
Like Jacob and say I will not let you go
Until you bless me,
Until you bless me

(End Charge)

I believe there is more
Because God is deep
You can go deeper
God is High

You can climb higher
Somebody open your voice
And pray in the Holy Ghost

Pray in the Holy Ghost

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