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Iran Ogo – DejiPraise

Iran Ogo – DejiPraise

Iran Ogo – DejiPraise [Download]

“Iran Ogo” is a captivating new single released by DejiPraise, a sensational Nigerian Gospel singer, composer, and recording artiste. With his soulful voice and remarkable talent, DejiPraise unveils this brand new song filled with profound meaning and heartfelt lyrics.

According to Deji, “Iran Ogo” is not merely a song but a heartfelt prayer to God. He shares that the inspiration for the song came from the Holy Spirit, and its purpose is to bless everyone who listens to it. With its powerful message and uplifting melodies, “Iran Ogo” is designed to touch the hearts and souls of its listeners.

The title of the single is in the Yoruba language, a widely spoken dialect in the Western region of Nigeria. “Iran Ogo” translates to “Generational Glory” in English. This title reflects the deeper meaning and intention behind the song. It conveys a message of hope, praising God for His faithfulness throughout the generations and acknowledging His glory in all aspects of life.

“Iran Ogo” is a testament to DejiPraise’s devotion and his desire to connect with God through his music. Through the song’s captivating melodies, heartfelt vocals, and powerful lyrics, DejiPraise invites listeners to join him in prayer and worship. The song serves as a reminder of God’s enduring love, grace, and the legacy of His glory that spans across generations.

With his unique musical style and strong faith, DejiPraise continues to inspire and uplift audiences with his music. “Iran Ogo” is a beautiful expression of devotion and praise, inviting listeners to join in a profound spiritual experience and celebrate the generational glory of God.

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