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Knocking – Medlye

Knocking – Medlye

[Music + Lyrics] Knocking – Medlye

“Knocking” – A Soul-Stirring Anthem by Medlye

Medlye, a talented female Christo-Conscious Gospel Singer and a vocal powerhouse, has unveiled her latest single, “Knocking.” This captivating composition serves as a powerful message to address the escalating mental health challenges prevailing worldwide, shedding light on the prevalent lack of belief in collective support and the consequent rise in self-preservation leading to tragic outcomes like suicide.

In discussing the inspiration behind the song, Medlye shares her deep contemplation on the state of the world and emphasizes the existence of pure love as the ultimate solution. Through “Knocking,” she seeks to penetrate the very depths of the soul, reminding listeners that Christ’s love remains unwavering and effective, capable of delivering salvation from all forms of death. The song serves as a resounding call to acknowledge that Hades, the realm of darkness and despair, is not our eternal abode, for freedom has arrived.

Medlye’s multifaceted talents extend far beyond her vocal abilities. She is a gifted songwriter, fashion designer, life coach, certified public speaker, and promotional model. As the President of Medlye Ministry, she spearheads a youth movement dedicated to bridging the gap between childhood and adulthood. Medlye Ministry aims to educate young individuals on the moral values of their faith and guides them on applying these principles in their daily lives. Through the avenues of Education, Media, Art, and Entertainment, Medlye Ministry strives to empower and uplift the younger generation.

“Knocking” is expertly produced by KodeTunez, showcasing the song’s intricate musical arrangements and capturing the essence of Medlye’s heartfelt message. The track is impeccably mixed and mastered by THEXVI, ensuring that every note resonates with the listener, leaving a profound impact.

Complementing the enchanting melodies of “Knocking” are the skillfully crafted lyrics. Each word has been carefully chosen to convey the urgency of Medlye’s message, drawing listeners into a deeper understanding of the transformative power of Christ’s love. The lyrics serve as a guiding light, inspiring individuals to embrace hope, reach out for support, and choose life over despair.

With “Knocking,” Medlye presents a soul-stirring anthem that ignites a spark of hope within the hearts of all who listen. Her powerful vocals, combined with the heartfelt lyrics and compelling production, create an immersive experience that encourages reflection, self-discovery, and a renewed faith in the power of love. Medlye’s unwavering commitment to spreading a message of hope and resilience solidifies her status as a true inspiration in the realm of gospel music.

As “Knocking” resonates through the airwaves, it serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that no matter the darkness we face, there is always a light waiting to guide us home. Medlye’s musical prowess, coupled with her diverse range of talents, propels her to the forefront of the gospel music scene, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of listeners worldwide.

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Lyrics: Knocking By Medlye


Oh he came knocking
Rolling down our hell
Love comes knocking
Uhhhh yeah

Verse 1:

Lights come up
Still locked in darkness
Sun came out
The day’s not dawning
Counting dreams

But the soul’s still buried
It’s been too long
Tomorrow burning
Uh, Uhh


No gates, No doors
Window escape
Dragged down by these tangled thorns
Oh hades is now home I have to stay

Ohh, Oh
Screamed a hundred million miles
The wall’s too thick it won’t go through
Oh hades is now home I have to stay


He came knocking (Knock knock)
Rolling down our hell
Love comes knocking (knock knock)

Verse II:

I felt the quake
Freedom calling
Heard his voice
It kept on pulling
Floating out (out out)

My soul rejoices
Been here too long
Tomorrow healing


Seen gates, Seen doors
Window escaped
Dragged down by these tangled thorns
Oh hades is not home I’m glad to go

Screamed a hundred million miles
The wall’s too thick but it went through
Oh hades is not home I’m glad to go


Up (His taking us higher)
Up (We ain’t coming down no more)
Up (No)
Up (We’re going higher ehhh)

Up (We’re going higher)
Up (We’ve been set free)
Up (Somebody)
Up (Up we go)

ohh uhhhhh…
Ahhh… We go ooo

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