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 Reborn by means of software program. 4VCO Synthesizer Mono/Poly
The analog synthesizer Mono/Poly, which was launched similtaneously the Polysix in 1981, mixed Korg’s analog synthesizers made till then into one ground-breaking synthesizer. Though this was a monophonic synthesizer with a thick sound made up of 4 voices, it had a groundbreaking specification of additionally having the ability to be used as a four-voice polyphonic synthesizer, which was extraordinarily invaluable as polyphonic synths had been then costly. It was well-known for having the flexibility of sound creation utilizing 4 VCO (Voltage Managed Oscillators) mixed with Polysix, reminiscent of oscillator sync and cross-modulation.

Whereas the Mono/Poly V2 on this KORG Assortment has been based mostly on the software-emulated Mono/Poly from 2007, it has been refined for contemporary manufacturing environments. Along with the much-requested high-resolution and scalable interface, we’ve added two new multi-effects. The entire analog sounds and behaviors are realistically reproduced by CMT, KORG’s proprietary digital Circuit Modeling Expertise, and this newest software program brings the facility and classic vibes that you really want in a plug-in.


  • Trustworthy modeling of the Mono/Poly circuitry.
  • Proudly digitized utilizing KORG’s Part Modeling Expertise (CMT).
  • Excessive-resolution interface for Retina and 4K.
  • Most of 128-voice polyphony, 16-voice unison.
  • 8-way digital patches, 2 multi results.
  • 300 updated presets.

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