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The Revival of the 90’s Bodily Modeling Sound A Replica of the Prophecy in SoftwareIn the Nineties, PCM synths have been at their peak, however membership scene artists have been already trying to find a extra versatile, analog sound, hinting on the coming analog revival of the 2000s. It was on this context that the Prophecy was introduced in 1995, providing extra flexibility and timbral capabilities than ever earlier than heard. Outlined by the leading edge digital sign processing expertise and a DSP chip previously used completely for results processing, the Prophecy Solo Synthesizer is now accessible as a software program plugin, with the convenience of use, polyphony, and trendy options vital for at the moment’s music manufacturing. Geared up with Oscillator Fashions from the MOSS Synthesis Engine
Prophecy for Mac/Win makes use of software program to completely reproduce the unique Prophecy’s MOSS (Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System) and is supplied with 5 of the seven complete oscillator sorts. Commonplace Oscillator for Analog Synth Sounds
It is a simulation of analog synth oscillators and can also be outfitted with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), increasing the timbral capabilities past what is generally potential in analog. Noise + Comb Filtering
This oscillator extracts tone parts from white noise. Opposite to what some may assume, this algorithm is able to extra than simply noisy sounds. It affords a variety of prospects, from synthy basses to strings.

 VPM (Variable Part Modulation)
VPM creates wealthy harmonics by modulating the section of a sign. The provider’s section is modified by the modulator, and the ensuing sign is processed by the wave shaper, leading to sounds with excessive frequency content material. Cross / Ring / Modulation and Sync
This oscillator is designed to duplicate analog oscillators modulating each other. Because of this, it may possibly produce chiming, metallic sounds with wealthy harmonics like bells. Bodily Modeling
The bodily modeling oscillator contains the three sorts beneath. All sorts characteristic the broad tonal vary that’s distinctive to bodily modeling.

  • Brass Mannequin Oscillator: This oscillator simulates brass devices equivalent to trumpets and trombones. It makes use of controllers like key velocity and mod wheel to modulate the power of blowing into the mouthpiece, and may create performances which are much like actual brass devices.
  • Reed Mannequin Oscillator: This oscillator simulates woodwind devices like saxophones and flutes. It makes use of controllers like key velocity and mod wheel to modulate the wind stress, and may create performances which are much like actual woodwind devices.
  • Plucked String Oscillator: This oscillator simulates plucked string devices like guitar and bass. It will possibly mannequin totally different strategies of choosing the string, like utilizing a decide or fingers, in addition to modelling the situation of the strings, and the positions of strings which are performed.

The sounds from every oscillator mannequin will be processed utilizing a nonlinear wave shaper. Utilizing one of many two sorts, CLIP or RESO, the oscillator output will be fully mangled. The unique waveform can be blended to make a variety of sounds, from mildly processed to fully unrecognizable.

Along with the oscillator and wave shaper sections, there may be additionally a sub oscillator and noise generator. These totally different outputs will be independently mixed within the two mixer sections for the 2 totally different outputs. The amp part can be fed again into the corresponding mixer for much more tonal prospects.

MOSS synthesis allows a really wide selection of sound making. From the multi-oscillator Z1 synthesizer able to polyphony and outfitted with an X/Y pad, to TRINITY and TRITON’s polyphonic MOSS boards and even the OASYS and KRONOS, KORG’s bodily modeling expertise all began right here, with the Prophecy.

 Sound Applications that Cowl a Large Vary of Fashion
There are 128 preset applications, damaged up into 14 classes. There’s additionally a class for person applications, a favorites financial institution for registering your most used sounds, and program change mapping. The 2 optionally available enlargement playing cards offered for the unique {hardware} are additionally accessible: ANALOG & VINTAGE, which options 64 analog-style bass, lead, and particular impact sounds, and MODERN MODELS, which comprises 64 applications of acoustic devices that don’t exist, wind instrument sounds, and sounds that take full benefit of the expressive capabilities of the synth. GUI with a Concentrate on the Ease of Use Distinctive to Software program
The Prophecy for Mac/Win GUI (Graphical Person Interface) is split into three sections: SYNTH, FX, and ARP. Every part is laid out logically to make sound creation as intuitive as potential.

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