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Melodyne grants you unmatched entry to all of the musical particulars in your recordings and samples – observe by observe. That is made attainable by a complicated evaluation that delves deeply into your recordings and samples, and acknowledges and understands the musical relationships inside them: the person notes and their traits, the scales, keys and chords, the timing, the tempo, the tone coloration. And with Melodyne you’ll be able to edit all these items intuitively. With vocals, however each sort of instrument as properly – together with polyphonic ones, such because the piano and guitar. Notes and instruments
In Melodyne, notes are represented by blobs. By manipulating these with Melodyne’s highly effective instruments, you’ll be able to edit (amongst different issues) the pitch, vibrato, quantity, sibilants, size, timing and formants of every observe. On this approach, you’ll be able to improve in a musical but easy method the intonation, phrasing, dynamics and timbre of a efficiency. Whereas ingenious algorithms guarantee your enhancing’s nearly at all times inaudible, delicate, pure. KEY FEATURES:

  • Notes as an alternative of waveforms. With Melodyne, you see the notes in your recordings and samples, and may manipulate and modify them at will. Even with polyphonic devices just like the piano and guitar.
  • Instruments and macros. Edit intonation, melody and concord, but additionally rhythms and grooves, dynamics, formants and far more. Utilizing clever macros or – with nice precision – by hand.
  • Multitrack Notice Modifying. See and edit the notes of a number of tracks concurrently in a single window. Solely Melodyne makes music this clear and tangible.
  • All that counts musically. Melodyne additionally acknowledges chords, keys, tunings and tempos. And the enhancing capabilities for these vital musical parameters are simply as complete as for the notes themselves.
  • Progressive sound design. Entry the overtones of your devices straight and alter their tone coloration in distinctive methods. Utilizing an ultra-musical equalizer, resynthesis and morphing.
  • Compatibility and user-friendliness. Melodyne could be operated by way of ARA or as a plug-in straight in a DAW. And even as a stand-alone program. Its versatile interface adapts completely to the necessities of every scenario.

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