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Protocol Breaker - Jimmy D Psalmist

[Music + Lyrics] Protocol Breaker – Jimmy D Psalmist

Internationally acclaimed gospel music minister, Jimmy D Psalmist presents a powerfully uplifting song titled “Protocol Breaker.”

This release marks yet another milestone in Jimmy D Psalmist’s illustrious career, building upon the success of his previous hit songs, including “Mighty Man Of War,” “Wonder Papa,” “Jesus Reigns,” “Powerful” and “Consuming Fire.”

Commenting on the new song, Jimmy says: “God is about to break protocol for your lifting. I can sense it in my spirit. “Protocol Breaker” is not just a song but a spiritual tool to convey you into the realm of all possibilities.

“It took God less than 24 hours to change the status of Joseph from that of a Prisoner to a Prime Minister. He is still the same God today and He is still in the business of breaking protocols to lift men and this is your turn.”

“Beloved, get set! God is about to break protocol for you in your job, career, academics, marriage, ministry, business, and health. God is making that impossibility to be possible right now in the mighty name of Jesus.

When God steps in to help you, great opportunities and promotions come knocking at your door. God will overrule the procedures and processes of men to distinguish you.

As you continue to allow God to direct your steps he will continue to break protocol for your sake.” – He concludes.







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Lyrics: Protocol Breaker By Jimmy D Psalmist

You said in your Word
You will show mercy to whom you wanna show mercy
I stand on your word
You said in your in word

You’ll show compassion
To whom you wanna show
Thank you for your Love

Jesus you are the protocol breaker
I glorify your name
I know it is my turn
Obinigwe you are the protocol breaker

I worship you my King
Thank you for your love
Just like Esther
The Orphan girl from the backside

You turn her into Queen
This can only be you
How about Mordechai
The unqualified gate man

Honoured and promoted
what can you not do
David was not the strongest
you turn him into king o

He never lost a battle aĺl because of you
From the prison to prime minister the story of bro Joseph
I call on you today o
I know it is my turn

I can always count on you (3x)
Oh merciful Father
I can always count on you (3x)
Oh Protocol breaker




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