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That’s My Name – TY Bello Ft. Angeloh & Gaise Baba

That’s My Name – TY Bello Ft. Angeloh & Gaise Baba

[Music + Video] That’s My Name – TY Bello Ft. Angeloh & Gaise Baba

TY Bello, a vibrant female Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, photographer, and recording artist, has blessed us with a captivating music video for her single titled “That’s My Name.” This powerful song features the talented artists Gaise Baba and Angeloh, adding depth and flavor to the track.

The essence of “That’s My Name” lies in its affirmation of our unwavering stand with Christ and the profound love He bestowed upon us through His perfect gift on the Cross. TY Bello’s lyrics beautifully convey the message of God’s unending love and the significance of His sacrifice in our lives.

The visuals for the music video were filmed in Aramanda, a location that lends its unique beauty to the artistic creation. Each frame is carefully crafted to complement the song’s message, inviting viewers to experience a visual journey that aligns with the spiritual essence of the music. The video showcases TY Bello’s creative vision and her ability to weave together powerful imagery with her soul-stirring melodies.

This captivating song, “That’s My Name,” is a part of TY Bello’s recently released album project titled “Heaven Has Come.” The album consists of twenty tracks, each offering a unique and heartfelt expression of faith and devotion. “That’s My Name” holds the esteemed fifth position on this remarkable album, further emphasizing its significance and impact.

TY Bello’s commitment to her craft and her deep connection with her faith shine through in every aspect of “That’s My Name.” From the heartfelt lyrics to the passionate performances of Gaise Baba and Angeloh, the song and its accompanying video are a testament to the power of gospel music to touch hearts and inspire believers.

As part of the Energize Music record label, TY Bello continues to create music that resonates with audiences around the world. Her dedication to her artistry, combined with her passion for spreading the message of God’s love, has made her a beloved figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene and beyond.

The release of “That’s My Name” and the “Heaven Has Come” album project solidify TY Bello’s position as a prominent voice in the gospel music industry. Her ability to merge profound lyrics, captivating visuals, and soulful melodies sets her apart as an artist who uplifts, inspires, and brings joy to listeners.

With each new project, TY Bello continues to deliver music that touches the depths of the soul, and “That’s My Name” is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft and her dedication to spreading the love and message of Jesus Christ.



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