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Some productions don’t name for large reverbs, pumping side-chain compression or extreme quantities of saturation, simply the naked, unscripted and acoustic reality. Presenting a set of nuanced, sparse, mellow and mature-sounding kits, the Singer-Songwriter EZX is an homage to only that. Welcome to the epitome of a bespoke drum library for any selective songwriter who considers the uncooked, unbridled voice of a drum equipment as a lot of a storyteller because the track itself.

The Singer-Songwriter EZX was recorded in a alternative room, comparatively small and clear to make sure minimal ambient coloration. In complete, it contains 5 full kits recorded with sticks in addition to one configuration and a number of other further devices sampled with brushes. To color the broadest image doable, every equipment was handpicked for its contrasting qualities, character and tonal complexity. In search of to ship probably the most homogeneously composed kits, the selective course of was scrutinized in excessive element – from the matching of heads with tuning and cymbal sizes with drum timbres all the way down to the delicacy of the drummer’s stroke.

The result’s the consummate assortment of natural, full-bodied and warm-sounding drums for laid-back prepare beats, clean, brushed pocket grooves or any regular backbeat. Welcome to let contact, tone and timbre outline the spine of the rhythm part in your subsequent Americana, people, acoustic pop or different monitor filed underneath the wonderful width of the singer-songwriter style.


  • A group of drum kits tailor-made for acoustic pop, rock, indie, people and any model related to the singer-songwriter style
  • 5 full drum kits sampled with sticks
  • One full equipment configuration in addition to a number of snares and cymbals sampled with brushes
  • 4 full cymbal setups, 4 hi-hats and 14 snares in complete
  • One hi-hat-mounted tambourine in addition to three handheld, three shakers, hand claps and extra
  • Consists of presets for a variety of mix-ready drum tones
  • Comes with a fundamental assortment of MIDI tailor-made for every equipment


Please observe: This isn’t a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the EZdrummer / Superior Drummer from Toontrack. You may Obtain EZdrummer HERE or Superior Drummer HERE

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